About Us

We stand with people over ideologies and institutions. We choose to defend our fellow man above dogma and fundamentalist ideas, whether religious or political. We want to be those who are FOR something instead of AGAINST everything.
We’re replacing fear with genuine faith; hatred with acceptance; we’re trading in ignorance for knowledge and awareness, and displacing cliques with a greater global community. We’re raising our hands and lifting our voices; speaking out against religious and political bigotry, liberating minds for a free and inclusive world. We are The Interfaithful!

This is a blog about our questions; mine, Dorien’s and yours. We believe in a God who is so big and so vast that He cannot be contained in one religious philosophy or one group’s narrow interpretation. We believe that a genuine search for God should fill your mind with more questions instead of yoking your soul to “all the answers”. So, we invite everyone of all faiths or no faith at all to enter into the dialogue.
You can expect a minimum of three posts per week with Wednesdays being reserved for “All The Things I Wish Weren’t In The Bible”. This will be an ironic treatment of the ways the Bible has been used to oppress and deny basic rights to different groups.
Join us in our quest for freedom of religion.

Will the real God please stand up!


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