Yes…You in the Back

Posted: September 2, 2010 by Dorien in Dorien's Mind
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Every one of us during our school days found ourselves with a question during a lecture.  A question we were too afraid to ask.  A question we let go unanswered for fear of looking dumb or unprepared in front of classmates.

This story represents my experience, and I believe the experiences of countless others, with modern-day Christianity.  Before I go on let me point out that I can only speak on Christianity since it is the religious tradition I most understand, but make no mistake, all across the world in every “religious classroom” sits millions of “students” afraid to raise their hands.

Far too many people for far too long recognize this story as their own when it comes to God and mankind’s understanding of Her.  We all read and are told heroic stories of a God of unconditional love and sacrifice and yet the God preached is one of hatred, judgment, wrath, and legalism.   Jesus fed the hungry, cured the sick, confronted the hypocritical, and ordered us to love others as we love ourselves.  But the God preached by Christian leaders places roadblocks in front of the hungry and homeless, wants you to “pray” for the needy, and oppose and reject those who don’t believe as you do.  They would have us all believe that love equals hate, forgiveness equals judgment, and wealth equals prosperity, or put it a different way, 1+1=3 or sometimes 5.

Over a year ago, my sister, my beautiful wife, and others in my family started raising our hands because we could no longer ignore the equation being taught in our “religious classrooms”.  To our great surprise many of our friends (mostly young people) began raising their hands too.  Now we know that many around the world from many different faiths are raising their hands as well.  Consider this blog my sister’s and my willingness to look stupid in front of the classroom.  We have questions, and we will ask them!


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